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A Natural Way to Heal

Ayurveda Santa Fe -

Through Ayurveda & Energy Healing, I strive to align patients with their inner wisdom and promote well-being & harmony in order to keep the mind, body and spirit in balance.


About RaeVeda

I believe that we are all energetic beings. The ancient science of Ayurevda is based on the energies of the 5 elements, Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Ether. Their qualities are seen through everything in this world. Each person has a UNIQUE combination of these elements and when there is dis-ease we are seeing an imbalance of their natural constitution. Through the teachings of Ayurveda combined with Reiki & Intuitive Energy healing I guide and support clients in rebalancing these qualities in their life to unify body, mind and soul. The goal of all life is to live to our fullest potential feeling nourished, energized and radiating joy & love.


How to work with me

All services offered via zoom

After a 15 year career as an Entertainment Executive in LA, I found myself burned out, suffering from a variety of uncomfortable digestive issues and a nagging feeling that I wasn't my happiest because i was living out of alignment with my natural self. 
I found that the western medical community could only explain so much about why i was suffering every time I ate and so i turned to Eastern medicine. After my first Ayurvedic consultation I felt that all of my whole life was taken into consideration - my medical history, habitual patterns, personality, likes and dislikes, activities - this is a true holistic practice and I fell in-love with it's ability to help heal the totality of a person, to get to the ROOT cause.  I quit my career, followed my heart and passion and began travelling in the East and studying ancient practices. We are each on a continuous journey on self development and it is my mission to bring the wisdom of these ancient teachings and connection and realignment with Nature to guide you to be able to love your fullest self expression of love and light.
I am now an Ayurveda Santa Fe Practitioner. 

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