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Ayurveda Santa Fe New Mexico

Ayurvedic Consultation
What to Expect


Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

Once you have made your appointment booking you will recieve an email with your 10 page intake form to be filled out and returned to me 24hrs before our Initial Consultation.

In the practice of Ayurveda we look at the energies that are in your natural constitution. In order to do that we look at your past and present tendencies, habits, personality, psychology, diet and medical history. We also look at your physical traits as well as using diagnostic tools such as tongue and pulse analysis.

We will spend our first 2 hr Initial Consultation discussing this along with your goals and current symptoms.  As a holistic medicine I like to get a full picture and understanding of you so I can best serve you and get you to your goal.

In our next meeting, the Report Of Findings, You will recieve a 5 page report detailing your primary Doshahow these energies are turning up in your symptoms or imbalances. This is an Ayurveda 101 class too so you will leave this meeting with a fuller understanding of yourself through the teachings of Ayurveda. I will set out a tailored plan to bring your Dosha back into balance and each week that we meet you will recieve recommendations to bring your closer to your goal. This can sometimes include herbal medicine which I will order for your from CCA or other Ayurvedic Organic companies.

Ayurvedic treatment is a system that aims to heal you at the root level. Treatment usually takes 6 - 12 months and a healing journey has many ups and downs. This is why it is important to maintain regular appointments. I like to work with clients on a weekly basis for the first 2 months to help you bring any new habits into your life and start to make your journey to health a new Way of Living.  I am here to coach you on this journey and you will have 24/7 access during this time.

If you have any questions please email me here or book your first appointment now.

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