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Packages - Ayurveda Los Angeles

Journey to Balance

A 4 month customized plan using Ayurveda to guide you to health.

  • Initial Consultation (2hr)

  • Report of Findings + Recommendations (1hr)

  • 4 Weekly Meetings (45 - 60 min)

  • 4 Bi-Weekly Meetings (45 - 60 min)


We will start with a detailed Ayurvedic assessment to understand your unique constitution. This looks at your medical history, current and past tendencies, habits, diet, physical structure & tongue analysis. I will create a report with a personalized plan for the 3 months. This includes weekly recommendations for you to implement in your life to achieve your health goals. They could range from diet, lifestyle, herbs, meditation, pranyama and exercise. We will meet weekly for 4 weeks to discuss how you are and i will give creative support, then bi-weekly for 2 months. 4 Reiki sessions will be included to help energetically realign the body and integrate the changes you are physically making.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

You and your Dosha

Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment

  • Initial Consultation (2hr)

  • Report of Findings + Recommendations (1hr)

  • 1 Follow Up Meeting (1hr)


Understand your unique elemental make up and learn how to work with Ayurveda to incorporate small but effective changes that will realign you with your path to health. Our first meeting will be an Ayurvedic assessment which entails discussing in detail your past medical history, current and past tendencies, habits and current lifestyle challenges, diet, physical structure and tongue analysis. I create a report detailing your constitution and imbalances with some fundamental recommendations to implement into your life that can most effetivly achieve your goals. We will have one last follow up meeting to tackle any initial challenges head on.

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